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If you’re interested in WordPress training, contact us!

Get Started Building Websites Now!


Come and learn today’s most popular web publishing platform.  Small class sizes and plenty of hands-on projects will help you gain the knowledge and skill you need to build websites with confidence.  As part of the course, you will build a fully functional website, along with learning how to optimize for search engines and performance.


  • Overview of WordPress and Content Management Systems
  • Installing WordPress
  • Building Posts and Pages
  • Setting Up a Blog
  • Building Navigation
  • Optimizing Images for Web
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly Design
  • Installing and using themes
  • Extending WordPress with Plugins
  • Linking WordPress sites to Social Media
  • Page Builders
  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Optimizing for Speed
  • WordPress Security and Maintenance
  • and more
some WordPress websites

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When and Where
The course will be run each Wednesday evening during the month of February, 2017 at the Festival Inn, 1144 Ontario St, Stratford ON

The course will run from 7-9pm

When are the fees due
A deposit of $50 will be due 30 days prior to training in order to hold your spot.  When you register an invoice for the deposit will be emailed to you.

The remainder will be due at the first class of the course.  And yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Who is this training for
This training is aimed at anyone who wants to learn WordPress.  You could be small business owner, a student, a volunteer with a non-profit, or just someone with nothing better to do on a Wednesday evening.

When I finish the course will I be ready to make a living as a web developer?
Unfortunately, it takes a little more time than we have here to learn all the skills you would need to be a web professional.  You will be able to create a site, maintain it, add content to it.  Selling sites to clients requires a much deeper understanding of web technologies than this course will provide, but we are open to doing more advanced training down the line.

What do I need to bring
You will need to bring a laptop computer with WiFi capability.  You may also want to bring something on which to take notes.

Steve Law WordPress Instructor

About Your Instructor

Steve Law is a graduate of RCC College of Technology in Toronto, and has loved all things technical since he was a kid.  Steve began working with WordPress in 2011, and started Mission Bell Media in 2014, providing web and graphic design services to small businesses, non-profits organizations, and churches.  Steve currently services a client base all over North America.

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