Online Learning Platforms

The power and flexibility of online Learning

Online Learning Platforms, also known as Learning Management Systems (LMS) are a powerful tool for a variety of applications. 

For School

An LMS can be used as a supplement to online classroom learning, freeing up more of the teacher's time for individual attention. Students can do much of their learning, and even complete tests, with their progress being tracked by the system, allowing teachers to easily identify students who are falling behind or are in need of additional help.

For Corporate Training

Companies who want an effective way to manage training content and to track employee training histories can benefit from Learning Management Systems.  Perhaps you have a new employee onboarding process or additional training modules that are required when an employee transfers from one department to another.  An LMS is a great tool for any HR department of a medium-sized business.  

For Selling Online Training Materials

Do you have online training courses you would like to sell?  You can use an LMS to provide access to your content.  You can choose to sell your content on a per course basis, or you can provide subscription-based access.   You can provide testing and certification for students who complete training as well.


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