Keep Your Website In Compliance With Accessibility Standards

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The era of Web Accessibility is upon us, and it's not just good business practice anymore. In many jurisdictions websites are required to comply with these standards within certain time frames- eventually, every site on the internet will have an accessible design for those who rely on assistive technologies or disabilities

Mission Bell Communications is proud to partner with AccessiBe, one of the leaders in web accessibility, to offer their AI-based accessibility scanning and correction service. Once AccessiBe is installed on your site, users will have all the control they need to access your website.

Certification and Accessibility Audits

AccessiBe also offers website owners peace of mind. Your website is scanned daily for accessibility issues and you will be issued a certificate of compliance along with monthly accessibility audits, to ensure that you're protected from legal claims against your company.

ADA Compliance
WCAG 2.0 Compliance
Screen Reader Support
Automated Scanning
AI-powered correction

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