The Call to Action: A Good Salesman

December 30, 2016
A website is an investment for any business or organization.  As a business owner, you can put quite a bit of time and resources into building a website that looks great, loads quickly, and yet be underwhelmed by the results.  As a web designer, I often see a critical setup skipped early in the planning […]
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Planning and Preparing Content For Your Website

November 8, 2016
Doug is a fictitious small business owner who's business has been building widgets since the 1970’s.  Several years ago Doug had a website built by his nephew, who was in high school at the time.  The site is now pretty outdated, and Doug occasionally gets a comment about how he really should think about updating […]
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Using A Blog Teaser

August 30, 2016
There's nothing more frustrating than spending hours creating an awesome piece of content for your website only to have it seen by your Mom, and her quilting group...and no one else.  We've all had the experience of getting no return on investment for the time we've spent developing content.  It's enough to make you want […]
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Beware the Domain Slamming Scam

August 24, 2016
If you own a website, and you don’t know what I mean by “Domain Slamming” please read the following post. Domain registration is a critical part of owning a website. Your domain is your address on the World Wide Web, or at least it is for people. Anyone running a business understands the importance of […]
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Multi-User Networks

August 5, 2016
When is a website not a website?  ishe answer is when it’s two websites, or three, or more.  There are occasions when an organization may want multiple sites; not autonomous from one another, yet independent.  For those of us in the WordPress community, we’re familiar with WPMU, or WordPress Multi-User networks.  A single WordPress installation […]
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Why Can't I Find My Website on Google?

May 11, 2016
Why Can't I Find My Website On Google? The sheer number of websites on the Internet today is staggering. Search Engines, like Google or Bing, have the daunting task of serving up the most relevant content for their more than 1 billion search queries each day.  The search engines use very complex algorithms to weed […]
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Mobile Friendly, Responsive Design

March 28, 2016
...searches. Basically, if you search from a mobile device, then mobile-friendly or responsive sites will rank higher on your search results. The test is looking at 3 main factors to...
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3 Reasons Why Small Business Websites Underperform

March 21, 2016
...that because of the enormity of the internet, a lot of people will stumble across your website, and your business will skyrocket. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Google are the gatekeepers...
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WordPress Page Builders

March 14, 2016
WordPress Page Builders have become a powerful tool for those who want to quickly and easily build webpages in WordPress without having to master a handful of programming languages.
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Using Google Analytics For Small Business

March 4, 2016
A few years ago I was building a website for a client, and they asked if we could incorporate a "hit counter", or something like that.  I thought to myself, "now there is a blast from the past!  I haven't seen one of them for a very long time."  There's a very good reason that […]
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When Is It Time To Redesign My Website?

February 22, 2016 engines, you might need to consider a redesign, or at least optimizing the site that you have for search engines. It wasn't that long ago that Flash animations were...
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Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

February 16, 2016
Running a small business can be very tricky.  There is a long list of tasks vying for your attention, many of which are not the core of your business but necessary in order to keep things moving. If you’re not a book keeper, then keeping the books doesn't make you any money, but if you […]
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