About Mission Bell Communications Inc.


Mission Bell Communications was founded in 2014.  Our goal then, and to this day remains to provide our clients and customers with the services they need to conduct business and market their businesses online at a price point that creates value for small to medium-sized businesses.

Our company works with clients across North America and even internationally, and we have helped businesses, non-profits, churches, and individuals with web design, web hosting, graphic and logo design, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, website upkeep and maintenance, and more.

Our Team

Steve Law

Steve studied electronics at RCC College of Technology in Toronto. From there he worked in the technology industry for a few years before departing to Mexico where he worked for 12 years with a non-profit organization. It was in Mexico that Steve began doing web and graphic design. In 2014 Steve and his family moved back to Canada, and Steve founded Mission Bell Communications.

Gemma Law

Gemma has experience in Human resources and various different administrative fields. She enjoys working with people. Gemma met Steve in Mexico where she worked for 12 years with a non-profit organization (Youth With A Mission). It was in Mexico that Gemma worked as a receptionist, personal assistant, manager and in human reasorces.  In 2014 Gemma and her family moved back to Canada Where together they founded MISSIONBELL.NET

Our Clients

We service a large range of clients, both in our local area and across North America (and some internationally).

Stratford, ON

Milton, ON

duluth, GA


Lausanne, Switzerland

Destin, FL